Singularity Hero
0.067 Eth + Gas
First 5K Get 27% Cashback To Wallet
0.067 Eth + Gas. First 5K Get 27% Cashback To Wallet
Max 25 Heroes per transactionPlease use Chrome/Firefox with metamask extension for desktops or metamask app for mobile

About the Project


We are a team that is immersed in the wonderful world of NFT. We decided to create a community of explorers and adventurers like us in this space.



The Hero wants to be at the dawn of the formation of a new paradigm, he is trying to immerse himself in this new world in order to study meta-universes, games, art and all kinds of communities, in general, everything that this space will give him. To achieve his goal, he plunges himself in virtual reality and plans to start his journey by looking for like-minded people.



There are no bonding curves here. All Heroes will be minted on our website at a fixed price of 0.067 ETH + gas with a maximum purchase amount of 25 Heroes per tx. There are no price tiers. Singularity World membership cost is the same for everyone. Note: 250 NFTs are being withheld from the sale. They will be used for giveaways, community activities rewards, and for the creators' Singularity World memberships.



We start building a community with the launch of the Singularity Hero collection


Drop suspension.
Utilize collected budget to improve Singularity Hero project.
3D Singularity Hero NFT development kickoff.


Finish an Axie combo drop program.
Singularity Hero team will present Twitter banners for NFT holders (10 banner types based on Body).
Community Banners Airdrop.


27% cashback to first 5000 Singularity Heroes minters. Target price for them 0.049 per NFT.
NFT games research start.
Exploring available metaverses for Singularity Hero integration.


Funds will be allocated towards collaborations, strategic marketing, community building, and development. Our priority is to create a long-lasting and interactive project that will be fun for everyone.


Submit 10 ETH for grant program.


All collected Royalty will go towards charity voted by Discord.


Start NFT burn mechanic and 3D heroes airdrop.
Start NFT deflation mechanic.

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Singularity Hero F.A.Q.

What is the Singularity Hero?

Keeping one of Singularity Heroes counts as a membership to the Singularity Club. With this membership, you get access to member-only content, discussions, research, and you can participate in Club Launchpool. Future areas and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation. Offerings will increase over time.

How can I become a Singularity Hero?

Buy (mint) Singularity Hero NFT

Preparing for the sale. What will be my Hero's attributes?

The 10,000 Heroes are generated with 170+ different designs.

How many Heroes will be available for sale?

A total of 9,750 Singularity Heroes will be available for sale. The other Heroes are reserved for the community purposes.

Does owning a Singularity Hero give commercial use rights?

Owning a Hero allows you to use the image for any commercial purpose.

How do I mint Singularity Hero NFT?

You can mint them on our website. When we publish the contract, you will be able to do this using Metamask.

Any other questions? Reach out!

We're here to answer any questions you may have about Singularity Club! Reach out on any of the following channels:

Twitter: @SingularityHero


Our Team

Singularity Hero

The main NFT fanatic. 24/7 immersed in the NFT universe.

Singularity Master

Developer. His code is all we trust.

Singularity Alien eye

Artist and designer of the collection. The first dive into space.

Singularity Keeper

The one who bring them all. Impressed by blochain technology.